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About Us

40+ Years of Serving Dentists

Rooted Wealth is part of the Thomas Wirig Doll family. Thomas Wirig Doll is an accounting and wealth management firm based in the Bay Area, California. They have been providing financial services to dentists for over 40 years.

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Why We Started Rooted Wealth?

A few of us a Thomas Wirig Doll knew that young dentists needed more. From associating, purchasing a practice, and the first few years of practice ownership, there are a lot of critical decisions you need to make. We wanted to create a resource for young dentists to get the help they need to make smart choices from the start.

Our Team is YOUR TEAM

Travis Slade
Travis SladeCPA, Financial Planner
Carson Henderson
Carson HendersonCPA, Financial Planner
Brett Lemmon
Brett LemmonFinancial Planner

Our Goals are YOUR GOALS

No matter where you are on the on your career path, we are here to help!

We understand the life of a dentist. We know you have worked hard to get to where you are at. You deserve to have a successful and happy career. We believe that you shouldn’t have to wander in darkness when it comes to making important financial decisions. Whether it’s deciding what practice to buy, how to manage your debt, when to prepare for retirement, how to plan for taxes, or making other smart financial decisions, we’ve seen it before. Our goal is to create the resources you need to excel and put them at your fingertips.

Dental School

Dental school is an exciting time trying to figure out where you want to take your dental career. Don’t be discouraged by the Negative Nellies, you can have a happy and successful career.


Associate with a purpose? Are the things you’re doing in your associateship helping you get to your ultimate goal?

New Practice Owner

Congrats on owning a practice! Owning a practice is something to be proud about, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities that don’t involve somebody’s mouth. Get the help you need to run your business like a boss!

Mature Practice Owner

So you’ve figured out how to prep a crown, do an exam, interview a receptionist, and listen to your Patterson rep, all in less than 30 minutes. But are you on track to reach your career goals? Retirement goals? Happiness goals? Whatever-you-want goals?

Winding Down

For most dentists, retirement isn’t as quick as flipping a switch. There often comes a period where you wind down. It usually involves selling your practice at its peak (before you go down to 2 days a week) and working back as an associate.


You’ve had a successful career, and now it’s time to spend time with your favorite grandson, the golf course. But really, do you have enough to support yourself through retirement?